Project lifecycle

Our compentencies encompass all aspects of the development cycle:

  • functional analysis
  • solution architecture
  • projetct management
  • solution implementation
  • quality assurance

We'll adapt to your organization:

  • You don't have experience with IT project ? Don't worry, we can be in charge of the whole project.
  • You already have a development team ? Great, we are team-players too.


We develop our solutions for enterprises with Java. Our experience help us to take maximum advantage of the java eco-system:

  • The Spring frameworks: Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Security
  • The Hibernate ORM
  • All major J2EE technologies : JPA, JTA, JAX-RS, ...
But we have also a deep knowledge in front-end technologies:
  • Client-side: EmberJS, AngularJS
  • Server-side : Thymeleaf, JSP


Whether using cloud based solutions or by using specific tools, we build solutions that can grow up seamlessly with your business.

  • RDBMS : PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • NoSQL engines : Cassandra, ElasticSearch, MongoDB


From the early stage of projet, all along the project, we take special care about the security. We test our developments against different kind of attacks : SQL injections, XSS, ... But securing your data is also made by implementing quality assurance procedures

  • unit tests
  • integrations tests
  • code review