Kosmik is software engineering company based in Belgium specialized in enterprise and mobile development. We build solutions for small, middle and large companies. We offer services in all aspect of the software development lifecycle.

With more than 10 years of experience of software development, Kosmik became your trusted partner for crafting the solution that fit your needs.

Good softwares for great solutions

see how our vision helps you to get the best return on investment


We have the willing to deeply understand your business. This is how we achieve solutions that really fit your needs.


Our world is constantly changing, so are your needs. We believe in agile methodologies for delivering solutions.


Leveraging the power of the technology makes the difference. We'll craft carefully the right tool for your business.

Our services

we are your best partner to achieve critical missions

Enterprise solutions

Thanks to the Java eco-system, we build reliable and efficient applications. We use the best frameworks Spring, Hibernate, J2EE, Ajax and beyond. With Kosmik, your data will always be safe.

Mobile solutions

Building mobile apps requires specific both technical and business skills, knowing how to manage unreliable networks and heteregeneous screens formats as well as creating a great user experience.